Institutional Solutions

Our systematic stock selection strategies can help garner powerful results. Each strategy is built upon our fundamental stock picking process with the objective of outperformance through clear and predefined channels. Each strategy has a targeted objective designed to complement and enhance an investor’s overall strategy. Our strategies are based on corporate fundamentals supported by compelling empirical results that are applied within each industry group. We call it “research to results.”

Dividend Growth

The Convergence Dividend Growth strategy has three goals: above market dividend yield, market level or greater returns and less than broad market risk. The strategy goes beyond a simple yield focus by targeting companies with both sustainable and growing distributions.


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Long Short Strategy

The Convergence Long Short strategy invests in large-cap companies with the objective of generating a more material and consistent alpha. This long-short strategy employs a dynamic fundamental process and seeks to benefit from fundamentally sound companies outperforming their inferior counterparts. 

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Strategic Active Tax Management

The objective of the Domestic Active Tax Management Strategy is to track the performance of U.S. equities, while minimizing the impact of taxable capital gains and actively harvesting taxable capital losses within the portfolio.


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Unbiased Equity

The Convergence Unbiased Equity Strategy seeks to provide investors with a portfolio that is weighted towards tangible fundamentals as opposed to a simple cap weighting schema. Academic research and empirical analysis have shown that such a weighting approach may provide meaningful alpha over the course of the market cycle.

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Investing involves risk, principal loss is possible.